Retail DirectorTM has one of the most extensive range of retail stock control and point-of-sale functionality available in any system. If you are small independent or a multi-store retailer we have a fully scaleable solution to suit your specific requirements. The standard range of retail stock control covers everything you need from stock details creation, goods in, and stock takes to multi-buy sales promotions, stock purchasing and retail management reporting.

Retail Director
TM is highly configurable, able to manage your business the way your want to run it. The software also boasts a range of unique specialist functionality to manage some specific vertical markets including, cashless catering, finance, school and college enrolments, warehousing, stock distribution, ticketing, e-commerce links, job costed orders and external systems integration.

Embrassing the latest touch tablet technology, Retail Director
TM can provided unprecidented in-store mobile functionality to manage everything from stock takes, product lookup, stock purchasing and deliveries using iPad or Windows based tablets with WiFi connectivity.

Is Retail Director
TM for you?......   "Yes, we think so!”
Welcome to our Retail DirectorTM on-line brochure. The following pages are designed to answer most of your initial questions regarding our Retail DirectorTM Stock Control and Electronic-Point-of-Sale (EPoS) software and to introduce you to our EPoS till systems, other hardware options and the services that we at Niche Software provide.
Our original concept was to develop the UK’s first ‘Cash Register Buster’, a simple-to-use, quick-to-setup retail software package for small independent retailers. We achieved this with an elegant, intuitive design totally developed in the then, relatively new, Windows environment. Our first version was a big success, however we quickly found that even relatively small retailers armed with a computerised stock control and an electronic-point-of-sale system, wanted more control and extended functionality. As the major retail chains improved their customer shopping experience through faster and more functional checkout systems, all retailers wanted the advantage of sale promotions, customer loyalty schemes, multi-till and multi-store management in their stores. This demand from our early clients and the ongoing input from all our customers and dealers has led to the continued development of the Retail DirectorTM software package and continues today to provide one of the most powerful, feature rich, yet simple to setup and use solutions available. We have embraced all types of new point-of-sale technology to deliver effective and efficient solutions to modern day retailing demands. We are immensely proud of our products pedigree and we have earned our place as one of the best retail system solution providers to the independent retailer market.
Niche Software staff have been providing software and systems since 1998 following a two year period designing and developing the first version of our Retail DirectorTM stock control and EPoS package originally branded as MiniPOS®. Niche has a highly experienced and creative team with backgrounds in IT, software design and development, retail and commerce. Driven by ever increasing demands both here in the UK and overseas, Niche established a network of dealerships to resell the MiniPOS® branded software which has now evolved in to the powerful Retail DirectorTM solution we have today.  Our experienced dealers now cover Scotland, Northern England, Central & South England, Cornwall, Wales, Channel Islands, Ireland and West Africa.
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